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OBDCOM is a complete diagnostic system for all your cars and trucks. Using OBDCOM, you can figure out why your car is not running right, or why the check-engine light is on, and you can clear the check-engine light. You can also view and log real-time sensor readings to collect the information you need to solve more complex problems.

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    paulruney 5 years ago
    — my PC slows
    Pros: ---------------
    Cons: ---------------

    A few days ago I downloaded ManyCam, then I got a problem, my PC slows down. When I deleted the program everything works fine.

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    sjc 6 years ago

    It works great, and the support and service are excellent.

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    ssmecgraham 6 years ago

    I purchased OBD com a while ago, possibly as a new user. It works, ...but now I want to load the software on to a newer laptop, and it is no longer available for download.
    I purchased this directly from the company (online) with the understanding that the software and updates would be available to users who own the USB cable system. I guess that was a falsehood, and now I don't have a CD or a manual. I wanted to email them for support, but the website is down. I guess I made an expensive mistake with this company.

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