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OBDCOM is a complete diagnostic system for all your cars and trucks. Using OBDCOM, you can figure out why your car is not running right, or why the check-engine light is on, and you can clear the check-engine light. You can also view and log real-time sensor readings to collect the information you need to solve more complex problems.

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    sjc 3 years ago

    I have the OBDCOM tool. OBDCOM's support is just incredible. They helped me figure out what was wrong with my Jeep on a Sunday afternoon! The tool and software is real easy to use and does alot for the money. Shipping was fast too, I received it in the mail just 2 days after I ordered which really surprised me since I was in CA and they are on the east coast. I have version 2.42 of the software now, they just updated it recently. Very satisfied customer!

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    ssmecgraham 4 years ago

    I purchased OBD com a while ago, possibly as a new user. It works, ...but now I want to load the software on to a newer laptop, and it is no longer available for download.
    I purchased this directly from the company (online) with the understanding that the software and updates would be available to users who own the USB cable system. I guess that was a falsehood, and now I don't have a CD or a manual. I wanted to email them for support, but the website is down. I guess I made an expensive mistake with this company.

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    Bryce Percival 4 years ago

    OBDCOM diagnostic system v2.35.
    OBD Connector to USB cable, Software and Manual on CD.
    I loaded drivers per e-mail sent with shipping notice. Installed OBDCOM Software from CD. Connected OBDCOM interface to computer USB Port. Windows XP detected the interface and asked to install software for device. Browsed to c:WINDOWSinf and windows found drivers for USB device. Repeated last step. Connected OBDCOM interface to Subaru diagnostic port. Ran OBDCOM program per instructions and communicated with car.
    OBDCOM diagnostic system listed the DTC Error Code. Looked up code, cleared trouble
    Code and reset the check engine light. Saved lots of $$.
    Simple to use, gives a lot if information about engine systems.
    OBDCOM diagnostic system shipped the next business day after order via Priority Mail.

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